Upcoming Projects

Paired Writer Series 

About: Pairing with different writers on a chosen topic in order to create a piece. Ideally any type of creative piece. Goal is to understand different styles and get a broader range of views and opinions.

When: A writer will be contacted at the beginning of each month to ask if they might be interested in take part of the project. The piece has to be done and published by the last day of the month. First piece is scheduled for release on July 31st.

Letters to You 

About: Letters to You will be short snippets (around a paragraph) detailing a letter to someone. Letters will range from inanimate objects, to animals, plants, the world at large, and/or strangers. Addresses thoughts and topics in a concise way, dependent on the situation.

When: Will be published three times a week: Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. First piece is scheduled for Thursday, August 3rd.


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