We are the Writers (I)

About this piece: The following piece is split into two parts and was written with the help of some of the best writers I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I asked all of them a question: “what does it mean to be a writer?” Taking their responses, I intertwined them into my own writing. I am only one voice in a sea or writers, but I hope that there is something in this that strikes with every writer. … More We are the Writers (I)


To Fear I Submit

“Fear barged into my home without being asked and has taken a seat, put his feet up on top of my books and use my notes to wipe the screams off his shoes. With a snap of his fingers, I am at his command and he makes me close the door, lock the window, put out the fire, until there is nothing left but me, him, and the darkness.” … More To Fear I Submit

To Be Strong

“I write because I’m begging you to listen. I write because I want to know that when I go out in the morning, I am not one against millions. I write because sometimes it feels like the only way I can now speak.” … More To Be Strong