Metaphor of Me

Metaphor of Me

I am like a journal. I will help you if you need it, and I will always be there if you think that nobody else in the world can understand what you’re going through. Even if all you want to do is write nonsense, I will never stop listening to what you have to say. There will be a day where you will decide I am no longer needed- and I’m okay with that. I’m glad I got to be a part of your life journey even if it was only for a few pages. I hope you’ll always remember that the things you shared with me will never be forgotten, and should you choose to look back to find inspiration, I will never stop you from remembering what happened in your past. Sometimes, you will be angry. And you will take your anger out on me and my pages will crinkle and fold underneath your hands. Your hands that could no longer take the emotion held within you and I will open my heart and my pages because even though I cannot solve any of your problems, the least I can do is offer to listen and provide an escape in a world where you feel like you’re chained. And when you cry- when your tears stain the pages and spread the ink so that the words are no longer distinguishable- I will never turn away from you in anger or disgust. I will take your tears and I will always remember that even though the words are blurred-, the memory has never ceased. When you come back later to find the pages wrinkled and soaked with past tears, remember how I told you that pain doesn’t last forever. And when you choose to confide, your words will have marked my pages forever. I hope you know that when the day comes, and my pages are falling apart and my covering is teared and ruined, I hope you will choose to remember me. And if I become nothing more than a distant memory, than thank you for all the memories and experiences you chose to pour into me. I will be forever grateful for becoming a part of your life story. And I hope that I when someone else decides to invest in me, I will offer them the same thing I offered you- love, support, and a listening ear.


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