I Wish Someone Told Me…

I wish someone had told me…

I wish someone had told me that things don’t always go according to plan.

I wish someone had told me that there will be dark days, but don’t forget that every cloud has a silver lining.

I wish someone had told me that yes, people will come into your life for a reason. They will teach you a lesson. But no matter how close they may be, it doesn’t always mean they’ll stay.

I wish someone had told me that some things come easy, and other things take a lot of effort- and even when you don’t succeed, you should never take that as a sign to give up.

I wish someone had told me that following the crowd would do nothing but leave me with faint traces of broken dreams. That I should have chosen to set my own path, and not be so caught up in the whirlwind of other people’s opinions.

I wish someone had told me that anger is not an emotion that should be taken lightly. That when you choose to unleash the fire within you that threatens to burn bright, be cautious not to let the flame burn down any bridges.

I wish someone had told me that lost trust will never fully be regained. That trust is a precious thing and should never be taken lightly. To destroy it, is to destroy the potential of all the “could haves.”

I wish someone told me that sometimes being self-reliant isn’t always a bad thing.

I wish someone told me that you are so much stronger than you think you are. That you were given this life because you deserved to live it, and whatever ends up happening, every challenge, every test, every obstacle, is given because you’re more than capable of dealing with it.


I wish someone told me you can pour all the light you want into a room, but shadows will still remain.

And that’s okay.

But nobody ever told me. I walked through life as if on a tightrope, cautiously performing balancing acts, always so afraid of what might happen if I fall that I never bothered to look up and catch the sunrise. I treated life with a fragility- so afraid that it might shatter in my hands that I never stopped to admire the glinting light reflecting off the glass.

I walked through the forest and all too often lent down to study the paths of those before me so I could take care to tread in their steps. I made mistakes and I fell, and I allowed myself to gaze lifelessly at my regrets far too often instead of seeing the lessons that formed before my eyes. I shut my eyes to all the experiences I could have had and traded it in for feelings of embarrassment and shame.

I let the darkness ravage my mind without ever giving myself the hope that I would escape.

But look where I am now.

I stand in a place where I had only had the faintest hopes of achieving. I’m on the brink of beginning a new chapter in my life and as the excitement runs through my veins like an elixir I can’t help thinking that I missed out on so much. But I refuse to let myself be drawn towards the voices of my regret that pan in my mind hungrily. I refuse to submit to seductive shadows.

And yes, I will fall. That is an inevitable truth. What’s false? The fact that I will stay down. Because I have seen the highs and lows in life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I wish someone told me that everything happens for a reason. And that every single tear I shed, and every sound of laughter that ever emerged, every shout of anger, every blush of embarrassment guided me to be the women I am today.

And I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

I bow my head in front of all those who helped to clear rocks in my own path. I wave in


acknowledgement to those who created more obstacles and slowed me down. I admire their strength for staying, their strength for leaving.

I wish someone told me there is no one else on the Earth who is like you. Your personality, your experiences, are unique to you. And you exist in this space with a purpose to achieve something greater. You impact people’s lives without even realizing it.

Life is a beautiful symphony of everything that is broken, and everything that continuously heals. It sings songs of far off lands and creates fairy tales from ice capped mountains and rustling trees.

Years from now, I will stop and think, “I wish someone would have told me…” because the beautiful thing about life is mistakes are a given. Experience is a given. There is no sweeter sound than one of the call to live. To breath.

I will have regrets.

I will slip.

I will make mistakes.

I will laugh and I will inevitably let the fire inside of me bubble out- sometimes burning bridges and sometimes staying in check.

I will cry and at moments my heart will feel like lead and I will let it pull me down onto my knees.

I will rise and I will fall.

I will continue to live and thrive.

I will always keep my mind open for the messages life sends me- and yes, I will miss some. But I will catch some and I will breathe those lessons into my mind so that I might become the woman I have always wanted to be.

I will breathe in deeply every morning and exist with the belief that this…this is what it means to be alive.

I wish someone told me that patience is a virtue, and life, when it finally decides to show its full beauty is a sight that can never be forgotten.




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