Spoken Word- We are the Survivors

Every time we fall, we only learn to grow stronger.

Every unwanted feeling that takes a hold of us, is only showing us how resilient we are- because just look at how tall we stand.

We refuse to bow down to the madness that resides within us- for we know that when our soul is waging a war against darkness, the blood that spills is just a sign of how much closer we are to victory.

We are surviving

And we refuse to let caressing whispers become the puppet strings to our thoughts.

We will not bend underneath the sneaking shadows- and though their weight is great, the belief that the light that battles against it causes us to straighten our shoulders in defiance.

Do not pay head to the seductive whispers of darkness that sneak up behind you- instead focus on the open window that with every gust of wind tells you that you are indeed alive.

We are surviving

And when you come face to face with the monster itself- close your eyes.

Feel your hands clenching into fists.

Feel the blood thrumming through your veins.

Feel the steady stream of light that issues from your heart.

Feel your breath move in and out of your body.



And just think, every time you breathe, you exist for one more second.

You help to fuel the world around you- just in the act of breathing.

How beautiful is that?


And so, when you feel helplessness and fear, when you feel desperate and alone, when you are tired and exhausted- just know without you the world would not be the same.

Tell yourself that the blood that travels through your veins is something that this monster will never have.

And the only reason it is trying to engage you in war is because it wants the secret elixir that keeps you alive.

But don’t let it have it.

Back straight, hold your shield and armor in front of you with the belief that your strength will never go away.

Because you are a survivor.

You took the broken pieces of your heart and stitched yourself back together.

And yes, it hurt a lot but don’t you see that it’s a testimony of your strength that you’re still standing here today?

When you feel hurt, when you feel pain, when you feel your heart breaking, your voice choking, your hands shaking, breath rattling, head spinning,


In and out.

In and out.

In and out.

Look at you, so broken now but you are the mirror of hope for all the shattered parts of yourself that forgot life.

You stand with your feet firmly planted on the floor, and as the Earth rotates, just like everyone else…

you move along with it.

You are nomotivational-quotes-strength-courage-2t an abnormality, nor a monster, nor are you the beast that lurks and hides.

You are not a freak.

Not a mistake.

Not a waste of space.

Not trash, nor garbage.

You are you. Beautifully flawed and incredibly resilient.

Don’t ever let yourself forget it.

You are a survivor


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