What Is Love?

Love (Noun)

feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for parent, child, or friend.

I have friends who say that love is the ground that they walk upon. It’s what keeps them steady when the wind of a thousand screaming tortured souls tries to rip them away. I have friends who have sworn off love because those who they thought were their world turned out to be their black hole. I have friends who have never experienced the soft caress of love, never felt it’s gentle breath in their ear, never been held in its strong steady arms. Love comes in all different forms, it comes in the form of little siblings who smear their lunch all over your face. It comes from your parents as they make sure you’re comfortable when you’re studying before they head off to bed. It comes from friends as they see you sitting on the empty bench and come sit by you-ever though the prep rally is way better. It comes from teachers as they teach you again and again, because they haven’t given up no matter what attitude is shown. It comes from the boy who stands nervously on your porch with roses trying to make a first impression. It comes from the girl who smiles and helps you up after you’ve been knocked down. But if you had to sit down, with a pen in one hand and the other tapping anxiously against the blank lined paper, if you had to write a definition, what is love?

Is it that feeling of floating up, up, up? Or is that feeling of forever free falling? Is it Aphrodite’s spell cast over you or Cupid’s arrows? Is it crumpled roses and frustration? Or is a moonlit dinner with the classic walk on the beach? Is it crying over Landon and Jamie as you watch A Walk to Remember for the seven hundredth time? Is it driving to your friends house at 3 in the morning because she said she needed you?

Is love just like perfection or beauty? It can’t be defined because as the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It differs from person to person. And someone who hasn’t experienced love, well they could say it doesn’t exist. It’s like far away planets, like mythological creatures and the world of witches and warlocks.

Or is love tangible? Roses, flowers, half drunken cups of coffee from a favorite mug, a worn out novel. Maybe it’s the last sip of beer on a frosty night or hot chocolate in front of a fire place. Maybe it’s the Monopoly that brings the family together. Maybe it’s the pen and journal that have written many stories. Maybe it’s the celebrity taped on the back of the door. Perhaps it’s that note you got back in grade 7 and never forgot about.

If someone had asked quite simply, what is love? I wouldn’t be able to tell them. I know what love is-I’m always surrounded by it. But love is…love. How do you define something that has no definition? It’s constantly changing, ever shifting in the eyes of the world.

In essence, quite simply, it is the definition you have written in your mind. It’s the way you see, and express it. There are many dictionaries in the world, with words in black and white telling you quite simply what the word means. But this is one of those things that even if you tried to put on paper it just wouldn’t match up with someone else’s definition.

Love (Noun)
Love is what you believe love to be. 

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